Saturday, 25 December 2010

Asian Continental Championships Preliminary Round 2

Prizes, promos and the round timer

Round 2:

Table 1 (Ben bleeding John bleeding Danz bleeding B.K. bleeding Hayakawa)

Table 2 (Johann bleeding Bann bleeding Le Fei bleeding Lucinio bleeding Gee Hwan) 

Table 3 (Karl bleeding Taka'aki bleeding Derek bleeding Keith bleeding Stephen)

Danz and Karl share a light-hearted moment
Murphy's Law hits some players
John's Alastor deck
sans minions that can play Alastor
Ben's Amaravati Death Star
sans Amaravati
Carlak goes crazy, no thanks to Danzbut John quickly takes his revenge!

Results from Round 2:
  • Table 1 timed out AGAIN!!!. 0.5VPs all round (double boring).
  • Table 2. Johann ousted Bann and Le Fei for 2.5VPs. Le Fei ousted Lucinio for 1VP. Gee Hwan sticks around long enough for 0.5VPs.
  • Table 3. Stephen ousted Karl and Derek for 2.5VPs. Karl ousted Taka'aki for 1VPs. Keith sits tight till time for 0.5VPs.

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