Sunday, 8 September 2013

Asian Continental Championships 2013

So the ACC has been over for a week and I finally got time off from Real Life to talk about it.

First, a quick round up of the players, the decks and how they did:
Rank Name - Deck Prelim GWs Prelim VPs Final VPs
1 Bann - Mummify
(Spell of Life ft. Halim Bey)
1 7 3
2 Stephen - Saulot Puppeteer
(Spirit Marionette ft Saulot)
1 6.5 0
2 YY (Me) - Ladies & Gentlemen
(G4/5 Ventrue Grinder)
1 4 1
2 Nomura-san - (G2/3 Thrown Junk Bruise Bleed) 1 4.5 1
2 Hidetoshi-san - (Stanislava et al) 2 8.5 0
6 Fadzuli - (G2/3 !Malk Vote) 1 4
7 Fay - The Scarlet Letter
(G1/2 Toreador Aching Beauty)
1 4
8 Johann - Traditions of the Camarilla
(Gangrel Vote)
1 3
9 Ayukata-san - Al-muntaqim, the Avenger with his Catiff friends that multi-rush
(True Brujah Combat)
0 2
10 Troy - (Blood Brothers Torrance Circle Combat) 0 1.5
11 Jared - (Cock Robin Toolbox)0 1.5
12 John Ferdie - (!Tremere Toolbox) 0 1
13 Arsenio - (G1/2 Toreador Vote) 0 1
14 Keith - Dirty Money (Giovanni Weenie Bloat & Bounce ft Acquired Ventrue Assets) 0 0.5
15 Aaron - (G2/3 Lasombra Vote) 0 0
16 Lucinio - (Euro Brujah) 0 0
17 Kristine - (Tremere/!Tremere Combat ft Muaziz) 0 0
17 John Worrall - Isouda de Blaise Multiact 0 0

I think I did pretty well this time around, with much less mistakes (at least major ones).

Round 1
Aaron -> Bann -> Fadzuli -> Me -> Kristine

It was unfortunate that Kristine's main deck combo did not work the way she expected it to (old card vs new text) and she was ousted fairly quickly by me. I think I had Mary Anne Blaire, Victor Donaldson, Mustafa the Heir and Graham Gottesman out by that point. Since I had the majority votes, Aaron and Fadzuli could not do much, so I just kept bleeding into Aaron and bouncing bleeds over. Unfortunately, I could not oust Bann before time ran out.

1GW + 2.5VP

Round 2
Me -> Hidetoshi-san -> Nomura-san -> Jared -> John Worrall

I got off to a shaky start for this game (note to self: take out Juniper from the deck. She has a cute ability, but the lack of votes hurts like crazy), drawing only 3 titled vampires and getting Victor Pelletier when I went fishing for more (another note to self: take out Victor P from the deck. He is the only vampire I cannot get for free with Govern) and starting off with no bounce and no wakes. Fortunately, John was not able to oust me before I finally drew into some bounces.

The game lasted for an hour and a half with no one being ousted. I was unable to bleed Hidetoshi-san for big amounts (dude packs way too many bounces) and he managed to stealth past Nomura-san's defenses before I could oust him. Then John lost all his minions to combat from both sides and he was ousted by Jared. I managed to convince Jared to send all of Hidetoshi-san's minions into torpor, but time ran out and I had to settle for 0.5VP.

Stephen commented that the amount of combat on my table was ridiculous and hoped he didn't have to sit down with us at any point during the event. Guess he reckoned without Murphy's Law.

1GW + 3VP

Round 3
Stephen -> Me -> Lucinio -> Fadzuli

I hate sitting downwind of a Spirit Marionette deck! Between that, Saulot, Neutral Guard and Heidelburg Castle, I spent the entire game hunting and bloating. Stephen got into a pretty comfortable position with Saulot getting a Heart of Cheating and Mylan Horseed untapping him for various shenanigans. I finally had enough of the old man and got Pentex to park a van outside his apartment.

Then came the longest pitch for a deal I have ever had to do in V:tES. For a good half an hour, Stephen and I spent our time between turns trying to convince Lucinio to do the right thing. Of course, for Stephen, this meant for him to help remove Pentex Subversion as it would mean a weaker predator for him once I go into full defense mode. I, however, was convinced that if Stephen and he were to go one-on-one, Lucinio would not be able to handle Saulot and he should leave the Pentex alone while Fadzuli weakens Stephen.

When I talked to Lucinio after the game, he told me that when we first started pitching, my plan did sound better. I guess when he finally decided to burn the Pentex, it was too late for him. I bled him down to one pool and agreed to help Fadzuli oust Stephen if he would oust Lucinio with his KRC.

In the end, I could not out vote Fadzuli's minions and a Powerbase: Madrid and was ousted immediately after Stephen.

1GW + 4VP

Final Table
I managed to edge past Fadzuli and Fay in tournament points to get into the final table.

Unfortunately, it is now the wee hours of the morning and I don't think I can coherently talk about one of the most exciting finals I have ever played in, so I will continue in the next post.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Eternal Struggle - 10 December 2012

Since the beginning of this year, the enthusiasm to gather and play have slowly wound down to a point where Stephen commented that he never got a game in before ACC Japan 2012. Trying to pick interest back up, we got together for a game late November 2012 and from there decided to try for a monthly play session. 

So it was on the night of 10 December 2012, we met up at Gamersaurus Rex once again. Five Methuselahs shook off the inertia of torpor to once again continue the eternal struggle.

Game 1
Keith (Zombie Geeks ft. Anu Diptinatpa) ->
Me (River Snakes) ->
Fay (Kindred Spirits) ->
Bann (BB Kiev Circle) ->
Wei Yuan (G1/2 Tor/!Tor Celerity Close Combat)

I brought out Kahina, Halim Bey and Amenophobis and played a couple of Waters of Duats before being ousted by a bounced bleed of 3 and Anu's Mouthpiece Shambling Hordes.

Fay brought out Uncle George, Dolphin Black and Korah, and had a Good Thing(tm) going on for a while with Kindred Spirits, Eyes of Chaos, assorted stealthiness and Sleep Unseen. She managed to oust Bann and Wei Yuan before going heads up with Keith.

I took over for a while when she had to take a call.

Anu's shenanigans with Archon Investigation meant that I was stuck bleeding for only 2 per minion at some point. Ultimately, Keith overran the crazies with the *Power of Dominate*(tm).

Note to self: get rid of the Vessels. So. Not. Helpful.

Keith 3vp + GW
Fay 2vp

Game 2
Bann (Animalism Weenie with Dominate) ->
Keith (Giovanni SNS with Dragon Breath Rounds) ->
Fay (Kiasyd S&B) ->
Me (River Snakes) ->
Wei Yuan (Kindred Spirits)

I tweaked the Snakes after being ousted in game 1, removing all unnecessary actions, some overkill of stealth and a stack of Master cards. I was hopeful that this would be a better game.

Until I knew I was seating to the left of a Kiasyd S&B. Nucking Futs.

I felt a glimmer of hope when I saw 4 Deflections in my opening hand. Things went quite well until Wei Yuan decided to play Game of Malkav. I contemplated taking 3 pool with a fairly realistic chance of gaining that 3 pool, but was worried that I will not be able to oust Wei Yuan if he gained 6 pool. When the count was totaled, Wei Yuan lost 6 pool, I lost 5, Fay lost 4, Keith gained 1 (wuss) and Bann gained 3.

I thought with Wei Yuan at 8 pool and with 2 Deflection in hand, I could easily oust him. Except Fay decided to play conservatively. I managed to bounce a bleed of 3 (reduced by Wrong and Crosswise) and another bleed of 2, but was unable to generate the 5 bleed to oust my prey. Fay easily bled Wei Yuan and I out, and because Bann ran out of Deep Songs right at that moment, Fay cleaned up all the vps.

Fay 5vp + GW

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Road to ACC 2012 - Where to Stay

Itabashi is fairly close and easily accessible to many popular places in Tokyo. Transport via the rail or subway systems is a breeze (just remember to write down the station names in advance in case you need to ask for help). This means that you can stay outside of Itabashi, enjoy all the sights Tokyo has to offer and still easily make your way to the ACC! How cool is that?

Itabashi (板橋)
Itabashi is right where the ACC 2012 will be held and if you are the active type, you can walk/jog/cycle to the Greenhall right from your hotel (some hotels even provide free use of their bicycles).

There are not many hotels in Itabashi, but they are all highly affordable and offer rooms that are bigger than similarly classed rooms in the busier parts of Tokyo.

Shibuya (渋谷)
Shibuya stands as a major entertainment and commercial centre in modern Japan. A direct train from Shibuya, Ebisu or Ikebukkuro rail stations will bring you directly to Itabashi.

Hotels in Shibuya range from the fancy Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel to the Granbell Hotel to various inns and youth hostels.

Shinjuku (新宿)
Shinjuku is home to many shopping malls and multi-storey departmental stores as well as a vibrant night life and is a major transport hub in Tokyo.

Just like in Shibuya, hotels in Shinjuku range from the classy Park Hyatt Tokyo to nice but affordable hotels like the Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku to various capsule hotels.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Road to ACC 2012 - Getting to Itabashi

Itabashi (板橋区) is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, Japan, with an estimated population of 531,793 and a population density of 16,270 persons per km².

From Narita International Airport, take a train run by either Keisei or JR East companies. Tickets and travel times varies by route (JR pass covers travel on the JR Sobu line)

If you are taking the Keisei Limited Express (快速特急) or the Keisei Express (特急) trains, stop at Nippori (日暮里) station and switch to the JR Yamanote (山手線) line.

If you are taking the JR Narita Express (成田エクスプレス) aka N'EX or the JR Sobu Rapid (総武快速線) lines, stop at Tokyo (東京) station and switch to the JR Yamanote (山手線) line.

On the Yamanote (山手線) line, switch at Shinjuku (新宿) station to the Saikyo (埼京線) line towards Saitama (玉) and stop at Itabashi (板橋) station.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Update: Asian Continental Championship 2012

The reigning Prince of Tokyo, 鮎方(Ayukata)-san has finalised the details of the ACC 2012!

Asian Continental Championship Tokyo 2012

Itabashi Greenhall
板橋区役所 グリーンホール
36-1 Sakaecho, Itabashi, Tokyo

22nd September 2012

3 rounds (2 hours) + Final (2.5 hours)

Time Table (Tentative):
All timings are based on local time in Tokyo, Japan (UTC+9)
9:00 Registration start
10:00 1st Round start
1:00 2nd Round start
3:30 3rd Round start
6:00 Final

Bleed you there!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Asian Continental Championships 2012

Ayukata-san has fixed the dates for ACC 2012 to be on 22nd September 2012 in Japan.
Other details to be confirmed, but yay, fixed dates!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Great News for V:tES

The latest State of the V:EKN is now available on Here's a quote from the Chairman himself, somewhere near the bottom of the article:
As I mentioned in the Cause & Effect interview, there's about a 20% chance of the game coming back into print. We've had dialog with various companies with respect to this. At this time, there is nothing tangible to report. However, dialog with those companies continues, and we'll be sure to let you know if there are any developments.
Johannes Walch
Chairman of the V:EKN

Fingers crossed!