Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Heirs to the Blood


Ladies aaaaaand Gentlemen! Now showing:

Heirs to the Blood previews and cardlist!

White Wolf has released an official spoiler and card list page on their V:tES site. From the looks of it, all the bloodlines seem to have been given even weight in terms of vampires. Previous announcements about shared Bloodline/Parent Clan starters have not been implemented, looking at the checklist. Alos note the new disciplines(?) Striga and Melificia.

From the White Wolf site:
Each booster pack contains 11 cards randomly selected from a set of 168 all-new cards consisting of 54 rares, 58 vampires, and 56 commons.

The set also features 4 non-random preconstructed decks: Gargoyle, Kiasyd, Salubri antitribu and Samedi, which contain even more cards and are designed to get beginning players started right away. All the new cards in the preconstructed decks are also found in the boosters, and naturally each preconstructed deck contains reprints of vampires and library cards from earlier sets.


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